Full results will follow as soon as available feom the jury

Tamouridis, the former yellow jersey, arrived at around 3 minutes

16:42 Winner
Matja Kvasina (Tusnad)

He is also the new yellow jersey.
Second was Andrei Nechita (Romania)

Nechita is also second in the general classification at 2 seconds from Kvasina

Karnoulin (Ukraine) is on the 3rd place

16:33 Last 7 km

16:27 leading group race numbers 1, 10, 15, 7, 28, 33, 38, 40, 44, 64, 66, 25, 72, 80, 81

16:20 Last 15 km

16:12 Gap between first two groups is 2:30

16:09 Gap between first two groups is one minute

16:05 In the leading group there are 15 riders from which the best situated in the general classification is Andrei Nechita who might become the new yellow kersey

16:02 still cloudy, but good for the riders. Yellow jersey gap is 1:30

16:00 Yellow jersey group is 1:20 behind the leaders

15:56 Sprint Gura Humorului (km 127)
1. Iuri Leontenko (Ukraine)
2. Alexandru Stancu (Otopeni)
3. Johannes Heider (Univega)

15:50 Plesea has been caught and the front group divided in two smaller groups. The yellow jersey, Yoannis Tamouridis, is on the second group about 40 seconds behind

15:43 Plesea keeps only 14 seconds in front while the second group is 4:10 behind

15:39 Plesea has 45 sec in front

15:34 Plesea (Otopeni) exit from the peloton and he has 20 second in front

15:28 In front of the race there is a group of approximatively 30 riders

15:20 Marton Solymosi (Closte 2) abandoned

15:15 Sprint Campulung Moldevenesc (km 92)
1. Eduard Grosu (Romania)
2. Pavlin Balinsk (Hemus)
3. Enrico Franzoi (Friulli)

15:01 second climb results
1. Victor De La Parte (Tableware)
2. Anatoly Pakhtushov (ISD-Lampre)
3. Alexander Braico (Tusnad)

Congratulations Bizikleta!

14:57 1 km till the top of the climb. Ionutz prepare to see the peloton. In 10 min we will be in Campulung Moldovenesc

14:43 The main group is at the foot of the second climb of the day. The second group is about one minute behind

14:35 We are at Vatra Moldovitei (km 68) and the sun has risen again, but still dark clouds aee on the horizon

14:32 A group of approximative 40 riders are now in front with 6 km before the beginning of the sexond climb of the day

14:25 On the descent the peloton broke in several small groups

14:21 climb results
1. Joaquin Sobrino (Tableware)
2. Johannes Heider (Univega)
3. Balev Gerganov (Tusnad)

14:20 On the top of the first climb of the day the rain has started just 5 minutes before the riders have arrived

14:00 Baumenko is caught by the peloton.

13:51 The gap is now 2 min. Baumenko is at 46 seconds

13:51 We are entering into the mountains and I might lose the 3G signal

13:47 We are on the first climb of the day. The lead group has 1:09 in avance and the chaser is at 20 seconds behind

13:43 The gap is now 40 seconds. Bakumenko (Lampre) is chasing the breakaway. He is at 10 seconds from the lead group

13:37 Schulz(Univega), Catavei (Romania) and Tintea (Otopeni) are trying to escape. They have 10 seconds lead

13:30 We are now at Marginea km 30

13:20 Dark clouds on the sky, but no rain yet

13:15 Sprint Radauti (km 16)
1. Golovash (Ukraine)
2. Kulyk (Ukraine)
3. Tesler (Ukraine)

13:10 Peloton is still grouped. No attacks yet.

13:01 The refferees have anounced that in case of storm the race might be stopped

12:59 The weather is still sunny, but dark clouds can be seen at the horizont

12:54 Welcome to the start of the fifth stage of the Tour of Romania. The riders will have today 161 km between Siret and Suceava, a very beautiful area in the North of Romania. In the course have remained 72 riders.